Image of a recipe for Apple Crumble


6 servings

Category: Deserts

Origin: England

Difficulty: Normal

Price: Bon marché

preps: 0 minutes

cooking: 0 minutes

temperature: 180C Celcius

Step - 1


2 units Apple


50 grams Butter


2 tbsp Cinnamon


100 grams Flour


2 units Pear


100 cups Sugar

1 - Peal the fruits, cut them in small pieces and lay them down on a greased tray.

2 - Cover the fruits with 1/2 the sugar and cinnamon.

3 - Put the tray in the oven while you prepare the crumble.

4 - For the crumble, put the butter cut in small pieces, sugar and flour in a bowl. Mix it all with your hands.

5 - Press with the palm of your hand to compress the mix and crumble it with the tips of your fingers.

6 - Take the fruits out of the oven to lay the crumble of the fruits. The fruits should have just started to melt and the sugar/cinnamon caramelise.

7 - Serve hot or cold, with ice cream or on its own.