Gambas à l'Armoricaine

Author's notes

Course: Main Course

Preparations: 10

Cooking: 20


One Step Recipe

Ingredient Image

2 Garlic

Ingredient Image

2 Shallot

Ingredient Image

2 Tinned Tomatoes

Ingredient Image

1tbsp Butter

Ingredient Image

1/2tsp Chili Pepper

Ingredient Image

2tbsp Olive Oil

Ingredient Image

2pinch Salt

Ingredient Image

2pinch Black Pepper

Ingredient Image

200grams Prawns

Ingredient Image

1tbsp Double Cream

Ingredient Image

1tbsp Parsley

Ingredient Image

50ml Cognac


- Start frying the shallots in oil, then add the chilli, salt, pepper.

- Add the butter, garlic, parsley and prawns. Cook a few minutes only so not to burn the garlic or overcook the prawns.

- Optional, flambe with a glass of Cognac.

- Add the tomatoes and cream.

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