Crème Anglaise

Author's notes

Course: Desert

Preparations: 40

Cooking: 30


Step 1

Ingredient Image

4 Eggs

Ingredient Image

50grams Caster Sugar

Ingredient Image

50cl Full Fat Milk

Ingredient Image

1pod Vanilla Essence

Ingredient Image

1tbsp Corn Flour


- Bring the milk to the boil, taking care to immerse the vanilla bean split in half lengthwise.

- Then leave to infuse for 10 min, then remove the vanilla pod, and collect the grains by scraping it. Dissolve these in the milk.

- In a second saucepan, actively whisk the egg yolks and sugar so that the mixture whitens.

- Gradually incorporate the milk and make the mixture very homogeneous with the whisk.

- Then add the cornstarch and heat the mixture over medium heat.

- Without stopping stirring, watch for the moment when the cream thickens.

- Do not let it boil.

- Remove from heat and whisk actively.

- Reserve in a gravy boat in the fridge.

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