Flan Cacahuettes

Author's notes

Course: Desert

Preparations: 25

Cooking: 25


Step 1

Ingredient Image

70grams Peanut

Ingredient Image

130ml Water

Ingredient Image

120grams Condensed Milk

Ingredient Image

80grams Evaporated Milk

Ingredient Image

1 Eggs

Ingredient Image

1tsp Vanilla Essence

Ingredient Image

1tsp Ginger

Ingredient Image

1/4zest Lime


- Ground the peanuts and simmer in the water for 10 minutes. Filter the water and it keep aside. You can discard the peanuts now all the flavour is in the water.

- In 2 bowls, separate the egg white/yolk.Beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks.

- In the second bowl, beat in the egg yolk, milks, water, vanilla essence, ginger and zest.

- Gently add the egg white to the mix.

- Cook on a bain-marie for 20min at 180C.

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