Image of a recipe for Easy Cheesy Bacon Roll

Very easy recipe to quickly make your rolls using bacon, cheese and bread.


4 servings

Category: Snacks

Origin: UK

Difficulty: Very easy

Price: Cheap

preps: 5 minutes

cooking: 5 minutes

temperature: Celcius

Step - 1 | Preparation


9 slice Bacon


3 slice Bread


6 slice Cheese

1 - Cut the edge off of the bread slices.

2 - Flatten the bread slices with a rolling pin. Don't press too hard, you don't want to turn them to dough.

3 - Cut the cheese into slices and put it over the bread.

4 - Turn the slices into rolls and warp them with the bacon. You might want to use streaky bacon, it will make the cutting later easier.

Step - 2 | Cooking

1 - Fry the rolls whole and turning them regularly as the bacon cooks and the cheese melts.

Step - 3 | Serving

1 - Place the cooked rolls on a plate a cut them into 4 little rolls.

2 - Eat them still warm from the cooking or cold on a buffet.