Image of a recipe for Thai Rolls


4 servings

Category: Appetisers


Difficulty: Normal

Price: Bon marché

preps: 0 minutes

cooking: 0 minutes

temperature: Celcius

Step - 1


1 whole Avocado


2 whole Carrot

Chicken Breast

500 gram Chicken Breast


1 whole Cucumber


2 whole Garlic


1 whole Lime


3/4 cup Mint

Olive Oil

1 tbsp Olive Oil

Rice paper

10 leaf Rice paper

Spring Onion

2 whole Spring Onion

Vermicelli noodles

100 gram Vermicelli noodles

1 - Firstly, marinate the chicken. Mix the zest, garlic and oil together in a bowl with chicken. Set aside for marinate for at least one hour or longer.

2 - Heat a pan over medium heat and grill the chicken until cooked through. Set the chicken aside to cool.

3 - Once the chicken is cool, toss the hopped mint through the chicken.

4 - Cook the dried vermicelli noodles to packet instructions. Drain and cool.

5 - When you’re ready to assemble the rolls, fill a shallow dish with warm water.

6 - Dip one rice paper wrapper into the water for thirty seconds and place on a clean flat surface.

7 - Place a couple of chicken pieces along a third of the wrapper. Top with noodles, and a couple of slices of cucumber, carrot, spring onion and avocado. Roll into a tight spring roll shape, according to the instruction on the packet.

8 - Repeat with the remaining rice paper wrappers and filling.

9 - Serve the spring rolls whole, or sliced in half with a nice dipping sauce.