Image of a recipe for Tiramissu

Replace the Marsala by 50ml Sheridan or Baileys


8 servings

Category: Deserts

Origin: Italy

Difficulty: Normal

Price: Bon marché

preps: 0 minutes

cooking: 0 minutes

temperature: Celcius

Step - 1


1 tbsp Cocoa

Coffee Liqueur

2 tbsp Coffee Liqueur


2 units Eggs


100 ml Espresso


2 tbsp Marsala


250 grams Mascarpone

1 - Make the expresso and add the coffee liqueur. Leave to cool.

2 - Dip the sponges into the cool coffee and lay them flat on a plate.

3 - Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks.

4 - Mix the mascarpone (with honey). When smooth add the Marsala.

5 - Fold in the egg whites, a third at a time.

6 - Place sponges at the bottom of a dish and cover of a layer of the mascarpone mix.

7 - Leave to set in the fridge for at least 20 minutes and up to 24 hours.

8 - Dust with cocoa just before serving.