Image of a recipe for Pot au feu

A traditional family recipe, usually served in autumn or winter. Pot au feu is also called in F


12 servings

Category: Main Courses

Origin: France

Difficulty: Normal

Price: Bon marché

preps: 30 minutes

cooking: 270 minutes

temperature: 0 Celcius

Step - 1

Bay Leaf

3 leaf Bay Leaf


1.8 kg Beef

Beef Stock

3 can Beef Stock

Black Pepper

5 whole Black Pepper


10 whole Carrot


2 whole Celery


1.8 kg Chicken


4 whole Garlic


6 whole Leek


5 whole Onion


10 grams Parsley


1.8 kg Pork


10 grams Thyme


6 whole Turnip

Notes: Vegetable garnish: 10 carrots, 2 onions, 6 turnips, 6 leeks Vegetable stock: 3 carrots, 3 onions, 2 celery stalks, herb bouquet with parsley sprigs, thyme, bay leaf, garlic cloves, peppercorns

1 - 1: Pierce the onions of the vegetable stock with cloves. Put the beef in a kettle with the vegetable stock, the herb bouquet. Cover with beef stock and water. Cook over moderate heat, bring to the simmer and skim. Cover 2/3 of the kettle and simmer slowly for 1 hour.

2 - 2: Add the pork and chicken. Bring back to the simmer and skim. Simmer for 1 hour and a half over moderate heat.

3 - 3: Prepare vegetable garnish: peel and quarter carrots and turnips. Trim leeks. Peel onions.

4 - 4: Add vegetable garnish. Bring back to the simmer again. Add seasoning if necessary. Simmer over moderate heat for 2 hours more.

5 - Serving: Reheat before serving. You can serve Pot au feu with potatoes.

6 - Wine suggestion: red Bordeaux, Beaujolais Villages, red Cotes du Rhone (French Wine Guide).