Main purpose

What's to Eat? is essentially a recipe book.

Using the ingredients you have at home, we will flag up the recipes you can cook immediately, and those for which you will need to swap a few ingredients.

Colour coding works like this:

Red - Can't cook

You don't have enough ingredients to cook this recipe.

Try adding more items to your Cupboard.

Go to All Recipes.

Amber - Swap ingredients

You are missing some ingredients but you can use what you have at home to make a few changes to the recipe and start cooking.

Go to Cook Now recipes.

Green - Start cooking

You have all the ingredients to cook this recipe immediately.

Go to Cook Now recipes.


Add ingredients to your cupboard to reveal recipes you could start cooking right away.

Go to your Cupboard.


You can shop for the ingredients you are missing (or all recipe ingredients) using What's to Eat?.

Go to your Basket.